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The Secret to Small Business Success: Know your Target Market Inside & Out

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

Perhaps the only thing more important than effect branding is Identifying a Target Audience. This is the only way to effectively grow your business. After all, no one, especially small businesses, can afford to target everyone. It is more cost-effective and more beneficial to direct your marketing campaign at a specific target market.

Tips for Identifying a Target Market

  1. Analyze your Current Customer Base: If you are not a new business, chances are that you have a current customer base. Are there any common characteristics, interests, traits, demographic, etc.?
  2. Look at your Competition: What are similar businesses in your industry doing? Who are they targeting?
  3. Who could benefit from your Product/Service: What are the benefits of your product/service? Now, who would benefit from those benefits?
  4. Target a Key Demographic: Based on your findings from the above steps, target in on a specific demographic. Are there enough people in the target audience to make this decision financially beneficial?
  5. The Psychographics of Your Target: What features of your product/service are most appealing to your key demographic? What media outlet would be best suited to reach out to this demographic?
  6. Frequent Evaluation: This is not the end of the marketing road. Be sure to reexamine your decision every few months. How effective has your marketing been?

Trust The Marketing Showcase, a Washington DC Marketing Firm

At The Marketing Showcase, our marketing and branding services concentrate on the strategic elements first. We never operate without a plan and our plans are always designed to target specific goals aligned to your long-term marketing goals.

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Developing a Marketing Plan: Developing Short Term and Long Term Strategies

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

marketing planDeveloping a marketing plan takes time. It is a step by step process ranging from identifying and researching your target audience, understanding your competitive position, branding, advertising, separating your business from the competition, reputation management, and more. And this week, we are going to address the next step in this process: Developing Short Term and Long Term Strategies.

You need to plan for the future success of your business. But without a short term strategy, your business may not be around long enough for those long term strategies to come to fruition. Conversely, focusing solely on your short term success will put you in business in bad shape for the future.

Your short term goals need to be part of your quest for sustainable future growth!

1. Short Term Marketing Strategies: Short term success is crucial for any business. Whether it is the successful launch of a new product or service or the launch of your brand, short term success is necessary for long term growth. However, without long term marketing strategies, short term success may be short-lived.

2. Long Term Marketing Strategies: Where do you see your business in 5 years? What about 10? 20? 30? How are you going to reach your goals 10-30 years down the road? Growing your business is not a short term process. It takes time. And you need to have a plan every step of the way.

The trick is to balance short term goals in conjunction with your long term marketing strategy!

The Marketing Showcase can help: We never operate without a plan!

Our custom marketing plans are designed to target both your company’s short term and long term marketing goals. And as a full-service marketing and branding firm, The Marketing Showcase provides everything from strategic marketing services that support brand architecture, to photography work for your marketing campaigns that reflect specific emotions and cultural values.

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