Developing a Marketing Plan: The Importance of Advertising and Promotion

marketing professionalsFor a business, developing an effective marketing plan can be the difference between success and failure. And an effective marketing plan includes several aspects, from identifying and researching your target audience and understanding your competitive position to branding and much more. So over the next several weeks, we at The Marketing Showcase will break down the process of developing an effective marketing plan.

This week we are going to focus on The Importance of Advertising and Promotion.

You know your target audience. You know your competitive position in the market. You have developed effective branding. But how do you deliver your branding and product/service to your target audience? Advertising! And while the goal of advertising, to get your brand in the public eye, may seem simple, there are several ways in which things can go very, very wrong.

For starters, there are so many advertising avenues available, from radio to television to trade shows to the Internet to newspapers to magazines to direct mail and more, that one can easily spread themselves too thin. The key to a successful advertising plan is focus.

Which media venue will be the most effective in helping you reach your target audience? It is important to allocate the bulk of your advertising budget to this venue, while dispersing the rest to other applicable media outlets.

Next, set specific mid-term and long-term advertising goals. What are you hoping to accomplish? Recognition, improved sales, brand identity, or something else? Then, use these goals to evaluate your advertising plan.

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