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The Secret to Small Business Success: Know your Target Market Inside & Out

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

Perhaps the only thing more important than effect branding is Identifying a Target Audience. This is the only way to effectively grow your business. After all, no one, especially small businesses, can afford to target everyone. It is more cost-effective and more beneficial to direct your marketing campaign at a specific target market.

Tips for Identifying a Target Market

  1. Analyze your Current Customer Base: If you are not a new business, chances are that you have a current customer base. Are there any common characteristics, interests, traits, demographic, etc.?
  2. Look at your Competition: What are similar businesses in your industry doing? Who are they targeting?
  3. Who could benefit from your Product/Service: What are the benefits of your product/service? Now, who would benefit from those benefits?
  4. Target a Key Demographic: Based on your findings from the above steps, target in on a specific demographic. Are there enough people in the target audience to make this decision financially beneficial?
  5. The Psychographics of Your Target: What features of your product/service are most appealing to your key demographic? What media outlet would be best suited to reach out to this demographic?
  6. Frequent Evaluation: This is not the end of the marketing road. Be sure to reexamine your decision every few months. How effective has your marketing been?

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